Monday, October 29, 2012

A Year in Photo-2007

OK, gotta make this quick  since we're starting school soon:P I am back with another year in photo-this time, it's 2007! Without further ado,I present to you..........................2007!
That is Anna and Ethan-you know those burp cloths you
use for babies? Anna carried one of those around for years
and called it her Burpy-Ethan had a knitted blanket
that he carried around for years and called his ufa.
Ufa is in pretty bad shape now, he slept with it and pulled
the strings and made holes........;)
That was the year when the ceiling of the family room had not been
put in yet!

This is Aaron and Mom-Thanksgiving
at Grammy's house!

That was the year that we realized that we could grab
Dad and tickle him too!
Christmas at Nana and Poppy's house!

Poppy and Anna among a flood of presents:)

Dying Easter eggs!

Ethan's 3rd birthday!

His cake was so cool! It's a muddy car cake!

Aaron's first birthday cake.
The invitations.

Bridal Wreath Photos-Anna

Bridle Wreath Photos-Me

Bridle Wreath Photos-Ethan

4th of July in Ocean Park!
Apple picking!
Going down the lane.........
Where'd they go?
Coming back up the lane!

Aaron always picked up all the apples from the ground.

And I'll wrap this up by saying "Happy Halloween!"
Ethan up top is a pumpkin, Anna and I are China
girls, Aaron is fresh lemon and that girl on the end, her name is
Sofia Milo and she has been Ethan's girlfriend since they were both 3:)

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