Thursday, August 23, 2012

A whole lot of pictures.

Hello everyone!
I know I have not been posting AT ALL lately and I have an excuse:) I thought it would be fun to not post for a while and then, when I have lots of pictures, I can be posting a lot with lots of pictures! Because usually, if I just post every day, I don't really have many pictures. But now, I have TONS of pictures to share with you! Here are just a few as it is almost time for us to start school this morning but I will be back later hopefully and I will be posting lots this week. I will not be posting next week because we are going camping from Monday-Friday I think and there isn't any Wi-Fi there so I will have camping pictures to post when we get home! Also,I want to thank Aili for making me this beautiful blog design, button and a signature! Click on her name to go see her awesome blog and ask about her blog designs!! Let's start with some pictures from baking camp!
Here is a funny spoon our teacher had:)

On the last day, we made Mardi Gras bread. This is one of the
bags of colored sugar we made.

Here is the Mardi Gras bread right before
it went into the oven. It is like a giant cinnamon bun-
I'll post some of the recipes later:)

I loved all the brightly colored bowls they had! There were
little rubber ones for salt and spices and
small amounts of things, then bigger
plastic bowls and they just got bigger and bigger!
Then,we went to our Nana and Poppy's
house while they were away. They live in Ocean Park Maine,
10 minutes away from the beach!! This is
a picture of when we went golfing.

Aaron loved it, although he had to hit the ball
6-7 times to get it in the hole:)

There was a frog pond and of course Ethan hit his ball
into the frog pond:)
Here is the Mardi Gras bread after
we frosted it and sprinkled it
with colored sugar! Isn't it delicious looking??

The sunset last night was gorgeous especially
with the moon in the background.

Here are some pictures of Owen that Anna took. I can't believe
he will be 3 in October!!

Isn't he a cutie pie??

He loves being in front of the camera.

Haaaahhh...I love him:)

Here are some pictures I took of Anna.

She likes this one best. I can't
take pictures with Anna
without getting a picture like this.:)

I have to time:) I will be back soon with MORE pictures:)

Thanks for looking at my blog!