Friday, November 30, 2012

Some photos...........and ramblings..........and completely pointless things.......

Okay, I'm back! *cough* With some pictures! Go too my other blog to see my Thanksgiving post...but here are some photos I took the other day...............enjoy!

We have this little book-each Thanksgiving, everyone
writes in it what they are thankful for! There is a lot
of  stuff to be thankful for in this book!

Here is a close up......

What's the best of waking up? Well, this isn't Folgers,
but it's coffee!:)

My mom recently had my grandfather over-she wanted this
old ladder she had hung-he hung it from the ceiling over the
supper table-then, using three old Mason Jars,
they turned them into lights, hung them in between
the rungs of the ladder and then wound white Christmas
lights all around the ladder and then wrapped some Christmas
greens around! I think it is soo pretty when we leave
the Christmas lights on at light!

Another one of those beautiful lights......kind of like
any early Christmas tree!

This isn't exactly a sunset, but I think it is just as gorgeous!

This is a trail right by our house leading back
into the woods-you can hike up the mountain
on that trail-we did last summer!

This is our huge, beautiful old maple tree. It is beautiful,
and we can always depend on it for maple syrup in
sap season....or whatever it's called:)

I love when the sky is like that.......
cloudy blue.....with wisps of cloud
and streaks of grey.......

It's getting too cold to lie down on the ground and
get nice tree shots anymore!!

Well, those were my pictures! I hope you enjoyed them!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


What was your favorite thing about fall?
                                          What will you miss most?
What is your favorite thing about winter?
What are you looking forward to the most?