Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Year in Photo-2011

Hello! I am back with another 'Year in Photo' for April! I am going to run out of pictures soon! This month's 'Year in Photo' is... 2011!
2011 was the year that............

 That we got all those great pictures at the beach!

 And the year that Owen turned 2!
 That was the year that Mom organized a baby shower for a soon-to-be-born boy at our church.

                                That was the year that all of us and Sofia Milo,(Ethan's girlfriend when he was 3-5!:) dressed up and went trick or treating together for Halloween! (We are the the Wizard of Oz cast and Darth Vador on the end if Sofia)
That was the year that Daddy got Mom this ring for a birthday/Christmas/anniversary/valentine's day present:)

                                                                      And of course, that was the year that I got Chica!!

That was also the year that Owen got his big-boy firetruck bed.

And that was the year of the scorching hot 4th of July .

                                        And that was the year that Mom and Mrs. Milo decorated this little Christmas tree.

I'll be back in May with 2002 hopefully!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nature Photo Shoot with Anna

I love this! Anna held it and it turned out beautiful.
 Hello! Yesterday at 5:30-ish, Anna and I went outside and we had a photo shoot! Go to Anna's blog to see the pictures she took! Enjoy!
This was taken from the backseat of our car.
There are seats in the trunk and they are facing
backwards and I got some really cool shots from that seat.

Another one of those beautiful clouds!

This is driving away from our hill. Not too
good but I like it.

I just love the look on her face in this one!

And now we're being weird:)

I like how the sun is kind of outlining her.

Have you noticed how green the grass has gotten in these
last few weeks? We've had crocus and the lilac has buds!

I LOVE this one!!I laid down on the ground and told Anna to
pose and this is what I got!

Last one, I won't tire you anymore with my boring pictures:)

Thanks for looking!