Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Year in Photo-2010

Hello! I'm back with another year in photo. Owen is having his surgery today and Grammy is coming up to stay  with us and Dad while Mom and Nana and Owen go to the hospital. Well, here is 2010! Enjoy! :)
That was the year that Oki started sleeping in Mom's paper.
 That was the year Owen turned 1.
 This is Sofia's party. Her mom,Mrs. Milo, is a great decorator and a great Whoopie Pie maker, she sells them. (I have her phone number if anyone would like it:)

 Christmas Photo-shoot 2010

 That was the year Aaron started falling asleep in weird places. The floor,under the bed.
 That was the year I first went to Camp Cedarbrook. That's my counselor Loona.
 That was the year Owen got his casts.
 That was the year Owen first went camping. This 2 pictures go together and they are a riot!

 I took these two pictures. Mom LOVES the one with Anna in it.

 And of course that was the year of 13 puppies! They are all there I think.
 "OK, it's time for your check-up. Don't be scared. I am the vet. I am a trained professional."
 "I'm gonna get you for that Mr. Trained Professional!"
 I have no words.
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