Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Photo Shoot.

Hello! We have one or two inches of snow and are expecting more! Anyway I did this photo shoot with Chica a few days ago. I love this first picture. I love how she crossed her paws and her head is bent down. "I confess. I was the one who peed on the floor.Go ahead. Punish little old me."

I love the angle of her head in this one. "Oh, no. Don't applaud. I don't deserve it.OK, maybe just a little"

                                                  Now she's posing as "Super Dog! To the rescue!" Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Julie Masse said...

Coowl Emma evin if you just stortid your blog i think its coowl anna

Anna Masse said...

Anna translation: Cool Emma. Even if you just started your blog, I think it is cool. Anna